Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short Video Lightning

We took some video with the camera we have. It's amazing to just be able to catch lightning even with a cheap camera.
I will do my best to update this with more here very soon.
One of the coolest things about living in Arizona is being able to watch nature at its best. Monsoon's coming in and it can really get crazy. The Lightning storms are one of the most awe striking sites to be able to see in person. I'm still waiting for this years to get more pictures but I have some here that I can put up from last year. I hope you enjoy these.

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Cooling down with Lightning Storms

When summer time hits. These Monsoons are a nice change in the weather and usually helps cool the air down a bit. When you so used to triple digit heat waves. That rain really helps out. The humidity isn't half as bad as it is on the east coast though. The dryer heat actually cools as the wind blows.

Lightning In Arizona

With as many time as these bolt come down within seconds from each other. You really get a sense of how small you really are. It really is one of them most amazing displays I have seen from around the entire country.

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